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Ginkgo Biloba Trees

Ginkgo Biloba tree Gallery has many pictures of Ginkgo Biloba trees.

Tree picture galleries on the left gives you information about the specific tree type and lots of great pictures of that tree.

Ginkgo Biloba

For each ginkgo biloba tree picture just click on the picture to make the ginkgo biloba tree picture enlarge.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of ginkgo biloba trees.

Ginkgo Biloba Tree Photo Gallery

Ginkgo: Autumn Yellow Ginkgo Biloba Tree Ginkgo Leaf: Yellow Autumn Ginkgo Biloba Tree Leaves

Ginkgo Bilobo in Autumn

Ginko Leaves Autumn

Ginkgo Biloba Tree Berry

Ginkgo: Fruit of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree Ginkgo Biloba Tree Identification

Ginkgos: More Ginkgo Biloba Tree Images

ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture
ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture
ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture
ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture ginkgo biloba tree picture

Ginkgo Biloba Tree Pictures 1
Ginkgo Biloba Tree Pictures 2

Ginkgo Biloba Tree, Facts & Info on Ginkgo Biloba Trees

Tree Identification: Ginkgo, Ginkgo Biloba, Maidenhair Tree

The Ginkgo biloba tree is native to China.

Leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree have a very distinctive fan shaped, are very light weight and flutter in the wind. The leaves are green in summer and then turn a striking yellow color in the Fall. When the tree loses its leaves they create a bright golden blanket around the base of the tree.

The fruit, which grows only on the female specimen of the Ginkgo biloba tree, is often foul-smelling, and slippery when they fall from the tree making them less desirable as a landscape tree due to it's high maintenance. It is preferable to choose the male species. A popular male variety is "Autumn Gold" named for it saffron yellow leaves in the fall.

Scientific Name: Ginkgo biloba

Foliage: Deciduous broadleaf
Height: 50 to 80 feet
Spread: 30 to 40 feet
Shape: Spreading

Distinctive, green, fan-shaped leaves turn yellow in the fall.

Plant Needs
Light: Partial shade to full sun
Moisture: Wet, moist, or dry
Soil Type: Sandy, loam, or clay
pH Range: 3.7 to 7.0

Suggested uses for this plant include shade, street tree, and specimen plant.

Planting Notes
Transplants readily, and is easy to establish. Buy only male or grafted, non-fruiting varieties because the fruit of female trees has an obnoxious odor. Prefers sandy, deep, moist soil but is very adaptable to wide range of soil types and pH. Tolerates city conditions (air pollution and road salt).

Easy to grow and maintain because of its adaptability and resistance to insects and pests. Prune in the spring.
Click here to learn how to improve the soil.

No serious problems.

Consult local sources, including historic or public gardens and arboreta, regarding cultivars and related species that grow well in your area.

Cultivars of GINKGO BILOBA
`Autumn Gold' is a male cultivar with good fall color.
`Fastigiata' (Sentry Ginkgo) is a columnar male form.
`Santa Cruz' is another male cultivar.

Geological evidence of the Ginkgo tree dates back 150 million years. This tree readily adapts to city conditions. The Ginkgo will eventually become a large tree, but is slow growing. Ginkgo is suited for bonsai.

Ginkgo Biloba Tree Pictures 1
Ginkgo Biloba Tree Pictures 2

Ginkgo Biloba Tree Comments

Top tree favorite for it's unique fan shaped leaf and wonderful yellows in the Autumn. Love this tree!

A Ginkgo Tree are either male or female.

Ginkgo Trees lose their leaves all at once after a hard frost.

Thank you for visiting Ginkgo Biloba Tree Pictures, please come back soon for more great tree pictures!

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Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

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